Create and Sell Online Courses

Create passive income, save time and serve your audience.

Are you looking to make money from home, on vacation, or even while you are sleeping?

If so, building an educational course that can be used in workshops, online group training, and online DYI learning platforms is just the thing for you.

Grow Your Audience, Create Passive Income

Online courses have quickly become one of the best methods for serving a niche audience. They give you an opportunity to teach what you know, going as deep into the content as your students need. Creating a great course worthy of a premium price requires that you make a solid investment in time and effort upfront, but when done properly, it allows you to build a solid passive income stream for your business. Online courses were instrumental in growing the Smart Passive Income business, and we want to teach you how to do the same for your business.


Who Is This Service for?

  • You are already an expert in your field, (coaching, consulting, training) you have a good sense of who you serve and how you serve them. Now you are ready to take their business and services to the next level. You are ready to create multiple streams of income from one product.

  • You know creating an online course is your next big move, one that will create more freedom, impact, and income, but has run into false starts every time you’ve tried to do it.

  • You truly feel that you can serve your audience in a unique, powerful and more effective way than the current offerings out there in your market.

  • You have something compelling to offer and need help figuring out how to stand out in all the online noise.

  • We help you from A-Z confidently create your first profitable online course. We have a meticulous, step-by-step, plan that leaves nothing out.

  • The end result: A highly profitable training course that can be a

  • conference /corporate workshop, coaching program, and online source of passive income.


      We Help You Make It Happen

We create and build your online course

Our Team of Expert Strategists, Curriculum Developers, Copywriters, and Designers Will...
  • Become YOUR Course Creation Team and Refine Your Course Idea 

  • Record and Edit Your Videos

  • Help You With Your Copy

  • Create Your Complete Course Content

  • Design Beautiful PowerPoint Templates for Your Course Content

  • Create Custom-Branded Templates for Your Tools, Worksheets, and Guides 

  • Custom-Brand Your Courses

  • Complete Technical Setup of Your Course Hosting Platform and Input Your Content

  • Write and Design Your Custom Course Sales Page

  • Create Your Social Media Assets to Promote Your Course